Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Reading recommendation on private cartel damage claims

Today the Berkeley Global Antitrust Blog would like to recommend to our readership an article that was published a couple of weeks ago by one of our Managing Board Members, Till Patrik Holterhus and his colleague Dr. Jochen Bernhard. 

The article’s title is “Kartellrechtliche Schadensersatzansprüche in mehrstufigen Absatzverhältnissen: ein europäischer Kontrapunkt zum U.S.-Antitrust-Recht“ (“Private cartel damage claims in multi-level distribution chains: a european contradiction to US antitrust law“). 

In its first part, the article discusses the field of private cartel damage claims from an international perspective (US, EU Canada, UK, France, Italy, Germany), primarily focussing on the issue of the eligibility (“locus standi”) in such claims and the related problem of the so-called passing-on-defense. The article - in its second part - further deals with the recent developments in German antitrust adjudication and its relation to EU adjudication (Courage case and Manfredi case) on private cartel damages claims. 

The German article can be found in the July issue (no. 7) of the German Journal “Recht der Internationalen Wirtschaft“, pages 470 et seqq. 

An abstract can be found here.